Portfolio #1 Phil Hunter Coaching

Phil Hunter Coaching has an integrated membership section giving the website an online presence and generates online sales, through selling the “Success Mindset Course”. The online course uses a membership section and only grants access to the pages after purchase. There is also a blog section and e-commerce section, where his books are available for purchase too.

“The Success Mindset is a Mentoring program that allows you to discover and reach your potential in life. It’s not just a mentorship program, but it is a mindset that will stay with you for life. You will use this process over and over again to get anything that you can think of. There is a blueprint to success and when you study enough successful people you will understand that they all use the same blueprint in one form or another. Phil Hunter used that blueprint in his own life and he wants to share that blueprint with you to get you the results. Everything you do produces results, but ask yourself are you exactly where you want to be?

Everything in this world requires first the mindset to do it, then the strategy. 80% Mindset 20% Strategy. If you want to succeeed in Wealth, Health, Business, Relationships or anything else your mind can think of, then the Success Mindset gives you the mentality to get you there. No gimmicks, no magic pill, just a blueprint that when applied, will allow you to achieve the same success. It really is a life changing program that will stay with you for life”.

Portfolio #2 PhilHunterCoaching.com

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