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The Honeycrisp Kitchen is a basic website with multiple seperate Blog Pages, covering articles, hints and tips and the recipes. There is a search feature and an easy menu layout including top menu and side menus allowing users to quickly find the recipes or articles they need.

From Honeycrisp Kitchen:

A few years ago, I was a different person. I was obsessed with food…. but not in the way I am now.

I was obsessed with my weight and being thin and calories and dress size and avoiding carbs and sugars and fats and….well, it was pretty stressful. I was tired, I had no energy, I was cranky and I was unhappy.

My health was suffering, my friends and family were suffering and I was suffering. I knew I needed to make a change.

Initially, this was just physical. I started eating better. I started eating carbs!

I left the treadmill behind and, instead, focussed on getting stronger. I began lifting weights and found that I loved it.

I could see physical changes of eating a balanced diet and taking care of my body and that’s when I began to see the mental changes.

As I got stronger, I re-discovered my love of food and exercise. I began flicking through Insta for food ideas. I looked forward to going to the gym and lifting that extra few kilos. I began to enjoy food for the social experience, a night out with friends or a shared meal with my husband. I began to spend time cooking, coming up with ways to fuel my body and get the most out of every meal.

I became energetic, I became social… I became confident, I became … happy.

I really enjoy coming up with new recipes. Meals that don’t take a lot of time or money to make, meals that provide my body with all that it needs, but are still packed with flavour and don’t feel like ‘diet food’ . I wanted to find a way to share this with you all …. and here it is! Welcome to The Honeycrisp Kitchen x

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